Thursday, January 15, 2015

Chosun Yoga - The Art of Going Nowhere

"The Art of Going Nowhere"
Happy New Year! A bright shiny new year stretches before us;
Exactly 525, 600 minutes and counting! What will we do and where will we go to fill this giant void? This is a question that has most people running around, starting diets, exercise regimes and all manner of things they hope will improve their lives. But what if we did nothing and went nowhere? This was the subject of a fascinating article, Healthy Body, Unhealthy Mind,  that appeared in the New York Times recently (Sunday January 4, 2015) by travel writer and essayist, Pico IyerAlthough most of us can't escape the external world, we don't have to be ruled by it...

join us and do "nothing"!

Chosun Taekwondo Academy & Hatha Yoga Center
62 Main Street Warwick, NY

Class Schedule:
Tuesdays     9:30am
Wednesdays     6:30pm
Saturdays     9:30am

First Class is Free

$15 per class / $130 for 10 classes

$30  for one month of yoga classes

Take as many classes in a month as you want!
Purchase at or contact Chosun Taekwondo Academy at:  or 845 986-2288

For more information:
(845)986-2288 or

Beginners Welcome!   Bring a Friend!

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