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"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" The Secret's Out!

"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" can be seen every month
in the Chosun Taekwondo Academy newsletter
This column is from the September, 2016 newsletter

The Secret's Out!
One of my favorite salad dressings is Korean inspired. I make this dressing at least once a week if not more, just ask Hal! Most of you have tried it at our Chosun Family Picnic each year. I usually serve it with Soba noodles and everyone raves about it! Many times I am asked to share the recipe, so here you go!

Korean Sesame Dressing
6 TBS Toasted Sesame Oil
4 ½ TBS Rice Vinegar
3 TBS Mirin
¼ Cup Crushed Toasted Sesame Seeds
1 TBS Sugar
1-2 TBS Chili Garlic Sauce
Put in a jar and Shake!

This dressing is excellent with any kind of noodles. Soba is my favorite but it’s just as good served with thin linguini or Thai rice noodles. To the noodles add some chopped scallion, chopped cilantro, julienne carrots to start. To fancy it up even more add edamame or snow peas. To make a dinner out of it add seasoned pressed tofu or grilled shrimp.

My go to salad to accompany any protein is to make a slaw with the dressing. Finely shredded red or green cabbage, carrots, broccoli, red peppers, lots of chopped fresh cilantro and just toss with the dressing. But let’s be realistic… I love the already chopped Kale mixes and Shredded broccoli slaws at the grocery store. Rip open the bag and add scallion, cilantro, dressing and you are done! This salad is fabulous with BBQ Ribs or BBQ Tofu. The acidity in the dressing cuts through the richness of the pork. Totally divine!!
I hope you all enjoyed your Summer  and are looking forward to a beautiful Fall.
Haengbog meogneum!!
Happy Eating
Pamela Pyke

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"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" Juk

"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" can be seen every month
in the Chosun Taekwondo Academy newsletter
This column is from the August, 2016 newsletter

Fourteen years ago Hal and I were heading out on a life changing adventure to China. We were on our way to meet our new baby daughter, Jian Yue. Little did she know that she too was on a life changing adventure! The flight to China was 23 hours long and when I awoke in the morning , being the foodie that I am I ordered a traditional Chinese breakfast. This was my first experience having Congee or as Koreans say Juk. Congee/Juk is simply rice
porridge. It was extremely plain but was served with all sorts of pickled vegetables and Chinese fried bread.  It was just ok, but little did I know I would become a  Congee connoisseur. This would be the meal we would order for Eleanor every day during our 3 weeks in China. All Chinese babies eat their congee along with lots of fruit. When we returned home a good friend of our family sent me a wonderful recipe for congee so I could make our own. This time though I learned to add ginger , scallions and ground chicken. It was divine. Eleanor and I would eat it every day when she was a baby.  
Koreans make all kinds of Juk and I especially love Saeu-Juk, Shrimp Porridge. The flavors are so much more complex in this Korean Juk. Sesame oil ,garlic, carrots and shrimp are cooked in short grain rice  till perfectly soft. Now comes the best part, we drizzle in some Fish Sauce for a kick of Umami and a beaten egg and cook till the egg is just set. I must admit I always add more than one egg!
This Juk sounds amazing to me, Kkaejuk, Sesame Seed Porridge. I haven’t made this yet because I need to go to the Korean market to get some glutinous rice flour! Sesame seeds, rice flour and water are blended till very smooth and cooked till bubbly.  Then to serve,
 it is topped with brown sugar and an egg yolk. My mouth is watering as I type!! I am looking forward to making this soon.
I have come across a new Korean Cookbook that is so creative and wonderful. It is called Cook Korean by Robin Han. What is so great about this book is that it is a comic book!! The recipes are all authentic and easily followed. Check it out!!
Haengbog meogneum!! Happy Eating!!
Pamela Pyke

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