Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2014 Chosun Taekwondo Academy Korea Training & Cultural Tour

Annyung Haseyo Fellow Taekwondoists,

          At one time or another almost every martial artist dreams of visiting the country from which their chosen discipline has evolved. To the karateka, that region is Okinawa; to the wushu practitioner, it is China. But, to the taekwondoist, it is a peninsula rich in greenery with mountains masked in swirling mists that rush to meet the sky. This enchanted land is called Korea: Land of the Morning Calm.

In July of 2014 we are scheduled to participate in yet another extraordinary adventure that most only dream of – an adventure certain to be remembered for a lifetime. Your determination in bridging the gap between dream and reality is certain to result in cultural experiences, friendships, and technical insights that can only be gained through a direct exposure to Korea, taekwondo’s country of origin. Training at the various dojangs and meeting the many gifted masters and students of the art will to add color and meaning to your practice, now and in the future.

On this, the 2014 Chosun Taekwondo Academy Korea Training & Cultural Tour to take place from July 12th through July 20th, 2014, we are once again fortunate beyond measure to proceed with the oversight of martial arts legend, Grandmaster Richard Chun, 9th dan international master instructor, and president of the United States Taekwondo Association. Doors normally closed to Westerners open wide with Kwanjangnim’s assistance.

Furthermore, we will visit and train at the dojang of Grandmaster Gyoo Hyun Lee, the man responsible for maintaining technical accuracy in Kukkiwon formal exercises around the globe. Additionally, training sessions at the Kukkiwon – center of taekwondo operations worldwide, Keumgang Taekwondo Center with Master Ryan An, and at Gulgosa Temple high in mountains of Kyongju where we will practice traditional Korean Zen martial arts, are also scheduled.

Yet, one of the greatest attractions of this journey will be an excursion to Jeju Island off the southern tip of Korea. Here we will train at a local dojang and enjoy the distinctive landscape of this exotic province. Ultimately, however, the general practice of the national Korean martial art in its country of origin alone makes this trip an invaluable experience for all taekwondoists regardless of style, age or organizational affiliation.

Over the course of the past few months we have negotiated with our travel agency in order to secure a fair and reasonable price for our journey based on service, safety and reliability. Our estimated per-person cost of $3950, which may fluctuate due to fuel costs, includes the following:

·        Roundtrip coach airfare to and from Korea and Jeju Island
·        Double-occupancy lodging at major hotels*
·        All meals
·        English-speaking guides
·        All training fees
·        All admission fees to tourist attractions
·        Transportation by motor coach while in Korea

 *Room rates are based on double-occupancy, two people per room. Adding a person to a room will result in an additional cost. If you wish a single room, contact us and we will provide you with the cost.
Costs not included in the aforementioned price:

·        Tour warm-up suit with logo* ($125)
·        Tour tee-shirts with logo* ($20 each)
·        Bus transportation to and from airport (approx. $45 per person)
·        Souvenirs, snacks, and free-time activities while in Korea
·        Beverages other than water and tea at meals
·        Cell phone rental in Korea if desirable
·        Room/Airline upgrade
·        Addition of person to room (single supplement)

 *Purchase of warm-up suit and at least two tee shirts is mandatory since this will be your primary wear when not training and while traveling during our visit. Group photos will be taken with warm up suits on.
          Following an initial deposit of $1000, the remaining balance of $2950 per person will be paid in two equal payments of $1475, with a timeline to be specified shortly. If you are interested in joining us on this, our seventh training expedition to Korea, please contact us as soon as possible to announce your intention and reserve your space.

In closing, making this journey is certain to remove provincial boundaries from the mind and expand your overall worldview of the martial arts. The Korean people are extremely hospitable and it is a great honor to represent our country as ambassadors of taekwondo.

Finally, in today’s world of global uncertainty, feel secure in the knowledge that, in our own way, we will encourage a unity of spirit with citizens of a foreign land rather than division through ignorance. Stay focused, look forward to our day of departure, and train hard. I look forward to your enthusiastic reply!
Tadani Kamsahamnida,
Master Doug Cook

6th Dan / Kukkiwon Certification # 05910568
Tour Administrator
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

United States Taekwondo Association Eastern Regional Seminar with Grandmaster Richard Chun

Grandmaster Richard Chun and USTA Master Instructors
WARWICK - The Chosun Taekwondo Academy, a traditional martial arts and hatha yoga center with headquarters in Warwick, NY, recently hosted the annual United States Taekwondo Association Eastern Regional Seminar at the Warwick Town Hall. The event featured classes in basic technique, self-defense, poomsae, sparring drills, and wood breaking taught by top USTA master instructors including martial arts pioneer Grandmaster Richard Chun. One hundred nineteen martial artists attended originating from thirteen area schools in three states, including Han Ho Martial Arts, National Martial Arts League, Byung Min Kim’s Taekwondo, Long Island Taekwondo Center, Success Martial Arts, Haddock Taekwondo Center, Evolution Martial Arts, Ultimate Martial Arts and the Chosun Taekwondo Academy.

Master Doug Cook, head instructor of the Chosun Taekwondo Academy stated, “We were delighted and honored to be given the opportunity to host an educational event of this magnitude in the enchanting surroundings of Warwick. Here, the participants improved their skills rather than using them to compete against one another as they would have in a tournament setting. Our school, and others in the USTA, took full advantage of this memorable occasion.”

In a separate statement, Grandmaster Richard Chun, a ninth-degree black belt, Olympic coach, and one of the highest ranking international master instructors in the United States, supported his decision in selecting the Chosun Taekwondo Academy to host the event by saying, “Master Cook’s school typifies the true spirit of taekwondo. His traditional curriculum, geared towards children and adults alike, not only stresses the physical aspects of the martial arts, but the mental and spiritual components as well. The Chosun Taekwondo Academy is one of the most active affiliates in the USTA and this is why I chose them for this honor.”