Thursday, October 2, 2014

This week at Chosun Yoga October 1, 2014

"The Anatomy of a Stretch"

When we stretch there is almost always a feeling of expansion  that comes with it. In fact a definition of stretch is: to cause extension from one place to another. With this in mind, one principle of the natural world that we constantly use in yoga class is the concept of "dynamic opposition." Just as a plant has roots that reach down into the earth, it also grows and stretches up into the atmosphere above. Many of our stretches this week will focus on the way we extend by engaging the use of our opposing vital forces.

Join us and stretch yourself...

Chosun Taekwondo Academy & Hatha Yoga Center
62 Main Street Warwick, NY

Class Schedule:
Tuesdays     9:30am
Wednesdays     6:30pm
Saturdays     9:30am

First Class is Free

$15 per class / $130 for 10 classes

For more information:
(845)986-2288 or

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