Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Chosun Sunrise Returns

By Master Jake Garrett
Following a brief hiatus, the Sunrise Class returns on Wednesday September 6th. We are fortunate to have such a full weekly schedule of classes; the diversity of classes allows a student to experience the many facets of traditional taekwondo. The Sunrise class is a unique traditional experience, there is something different about training early in the morning, your body is fresh and strong, your mind is calm and receptive.

 A perfect time to begin a 15-minute meditation. The additional time in meditation allows you to move beyond our typical start of class meditation in which one stills the mind in preparation of focused training. Sunrise meditation can promote a calmness and relaxation in your body and mind, a deeper focus is developed down to a single point, a point of stillness is obtained, this is an acquired skill that not only benefits one’s martial skills and practice, but also carries over into your everyday activities.
Following mediation time is spent in Ki development with the practice of Qigong exercises. The active principles of Qigong are breath, posture, movement, relaxation and concentration-visualization. The Eight Brocades a soft style practice is an ideal system for students to enhance their understanding and use of Ki energy. If your concerned about another discipline to learn and the proper way to practice, don’t be, the way to practice is “take it easy” follow along with the movements, use natural breathing, don’t look for the Ki, it is in your in body, it is occurring, with practice and intent you will eventually recognize and use it every day.
Each week we will spend time focusing on the details of each one of the eight positions, while breathing naturally allowing the Ki to sink to Tanjun. New to this class will be the introduction of hard style Qigong exercises focused on rooting and centering technique.

Meditation and Ki awareness culminate in the reward of the class, Poomsae! Having spent time clearing your mind in mediation focusing on your breath and performing slow relaxed movements, you may discover a new aspect and understanding of your poomsae practice. This is a wonderful way to start the day.
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