Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea!

Korean BBQ

Nothing beats walking into a Korean BBQ restaurant. Table top grills sizzling away with whatever is the specialty of the house. This could be Pork ( Daeji ), Beef ( Galbi), Duck (Oli ) and the ever famous Bulgogi. Have a seat to an amazing dining experience. This is probably the meal Americans relate to the most when visiting Korea. The table is set with an assortment of Ban Chan. These are the little bowls of delights that has everyone asking,"What is this Mrs. Pyke?" Of course there is Kimchi, Fish Cake, pickled everything from hot chilies to raw crabs, Korean Potato salad ,so sweet and cooling, sauteed spinach, big bowls of lettuce and spicy Gochujang sauce.
Big platters of Beef Short Ribs (Galbi) arrive. The waitress places them on the cook top, let the grilling begin!!
This of course is when we entertain ourselves with Soju and Mekju and reminisce about our training that day. The waitress begins to cut our Galbi into little bite sized pieces with her scissors ( Gawi ). She tries to remove the bones from the table, but I insist that they stay!
Yum-yum! This is how you eat your Galbi, take a lettuce leaf and place a little rice, some meat and Gochujang, maybe a clove of garlic that has been sizzling away on the grill, roll it into a ball and you can do this the Korean style by placing the entire thing in your mouth all at once, roll your eyes back into your head and savor the fact that you are eating this morsel on the other side of the world! This is when you order another round of Soju so you can continue toasting with Gino and Bill!!
Every meal we eat together is an adventure and brings us closer together.

After an amazing day of training in the beautiful countryside outside of Seoul with Grand Master Lee we have our socks knocked off at a Duck (Oli ) BBQ. This place is a rustic post and beam restaurant. The grills are loaded with coals that come from their backyard. As they load the grills they place foil wrapped sweet potatoes in the coals.This is one of those meals you can't stop eating! The duck is cooked to crispy perfection then dipped in a sweet hot pepper sauce, wrapped in lettuce and devoured. When you think that wouldn't be enough, an amazing bubbling pot of Spicy Duck Soup ( jigae ) is presented to the table. Finally as our meal winds down we fish out the sweet potatoes, peel them like a banana and enjoy our dessert. ( Just a note to all who will be joining us on our 2016 Korea Tour, this restaurant will be a must or Mrs. Pyke will remain back at Grand Master Lee's!! tee-hee!! )

Recently I bought a table top grill at our favorite Korean grocery store, Woo Ri, and we had a blast making Galbi and Pork Belly (Samgyeopsal ). Although we had to open every window in the house because the ventilation was lacking, it was worth it!!

I am looking forward to warmer weather so I can resume my Korean BBQ

Haengbog meongneum (Happy Eating)
Mrs. Pyke

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