Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Chosun e-Newsletter Archive Volume 5 #8 August, 2014

Dojang News and Events
2014 Chosun Taekwondo Academy Korea Training & Cultural Tour: Mission Accomplished
The long anticipated Chosun Korea Tour has concluded and now the work begins on the documentary film that will capture the photo (1)aextraordinary experiences of these thirty martial pilgrims.Our journey took us all the way from the spectacular volcanic Jeju Island (the actual birthplace of taekwondo) to the cultural and historic region of Gyeongju.  We then traveled through the gorgeous mountainous area of Muju to the brand new Taekwondowon and then to the capital city of Seoul. We trained at six different venues,with world renowned masters. We sampled the delectable Korean cuisine, visited ancient palaces and temples and thoroughly immersed ourselves in the culture and history of the country that gave birth to our beloved art of taekwondo. It was a rewarding and inspirational journey beyond measure and now we can share the experience with others through our documentary film. 

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