Monday, September 5, 2011

Chosun e-newsletter archive Volumn 2 #6 June, 2011

Dear Martial Arts Enthusiast,

Welcome to the June edition of the Chosun e-newsletter. The summer season is right around the corner and Chosun has many special events and new classes to offer students. The official Chosun summer schedule will be in effect on July 1. Please take note of a new sparring class on Monday evenings taught by Blackbelt, Travis Yee (details below). Check the schedule for special training in the Warwick Town Park. Another exciting development to augment Chosun students' training experience is the new Poomsae (Forms) page that has been added to the Chosun Website (details below). At present the Taegeuk and Palgwe forms can be viewed. More forms will be posted in the future.
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