Monday, February 1, 2016

"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" Gim Bap

"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" can be seen every month
 in the Chosun Taekwondo Academy newsletter
from the February, 2016 newsletter

     We all love Japanese Sushi Rolls, but have you ever tried Gim Bap?  Gim Bap is Koreas Sushi Roll. Gim; pronounce Kim is seaweed and Bap is rice.
     Gim Bap is composed of rice seasoned with sesame oil, various vegetables, meat or seafood. You can make it Vegetarian or not. The main components of this dish are: rice, seaweed, and Danmuji (yellow pickled daikon radish).  You can find the Danmuji in any Korean market. They are packaged as two or more. They are giant yellow Daikon and will keep forever in the refrigerator.

     My favorite combination is with spinach, beef, carrots and eggs. It takes a little time to prepare because each component is cooked, but once that is done the rolling begins. 
     First we scramble an egg and cook it in a pan like a pancake.  Flip it out on a cutting board to cool, then slice into long strips.  Next sauté sliced sirloin steak in soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar and sesame oil.  Set that aside to cool.  Next blanch the spinach for one minute, rinse under cold water then squeeze dry and chop. Mix with garlic and sesame oil.   Season the short grain rice with sesame oil while still warm. It’s best to have the rice warm to the touch for easy rolling.   You can make the roll without a bamboo mat but I recommend that you get one.  Place a sheet of toasted Nori on the mat and pat down a thin layer of rice (about ¾ cup).  Keep your hands wet so the rice doesn’t stick.  Now you can layer the ingredients one on top of the other.  Pick up the bottom edge of the mat and use it to roll the Gim up and over the fillings. Continue to roll until you have a perfect Gim Bap.  The first time is always a little tricky but by the time you get to the last, you’ll be a pro. Slice the roll into half inch pieces then serve.
     Gim Bap is not served with soy sauce like Sushi.  All the flavoring is within the roll.  This is a very popular lunch box food in Korea.   Leftover Gim Bap is dipped in egg and pan fried until golden.  Sounds amazing.

A new You Tube website about Korean Cooking is called: Anyone Can Make.  

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