Thursday, May 28, 2015

Belt Promotion Test Essays by Young Chosun Students

Indomitable Spirit
by Chosun student, Aidan Morrison 
Chosun Belt Promotion Test May 17, 2015
     In Taekwondo, indomitable spirit grows in students as they move up through each belt level. The more forms and techniques and discipline a student learns, the more unconquerable they feel.
     When I earned by blue belt, I felt unconquerable because blue belt is the first
intermediate belt. At that point I knew I would make it to black belt. Having indomitable spirit lets a taekwondo student have perseverance.
In school I try to have indomitable spirit so I can persevere at schoolwork. When I grow up, indomitable spirit will help me be successful in going to a good college and getting a well-paying job that I really like. That is the meaning of indomitable spirit and how I apply it in my life.

The Meaning of Perseverance and How I Apply it in  my Life
by Chosun student, Gregory Saucedo 
Chosun Belt Promotion Test May 17, 2015
     An important tenet of taekwondo that I am learning to apply in my everyday life is perseverance. Perseverance means to never give up and to have a set of goals in mind that one wants to achieve. Without perseverance, one would not be able to overcome the everyday challenges that are present in life. Learning to persevere through challenges teaches us that we can achieve anything that is really important to us. Perseverance helps us continue to try to do something even though it may be very difficult at times. 
     Some examples of how I apply perseverance in my life include the following. In school, I am able to complete my schoolwork by focusing and setting goals that allow me to deal with my challenges. I have patience and I ask questions if I don't understand something. I study and work hard to maintain my excellent grades.  Most importantly, I always try to finish what I start.  I do not give up if something hard presents itself.
     At home, I practice playing my saxophone several times per week. Sometimes I would much rather go outside and play, but I try my best to focus on persevering so that I can become much better at playing my instrument. I also practice all the skills and techniques that I am learning during my Taekwondo classes. It takes much practice and determination as I know that at time goes by I may be faced with some challenges in improving my technique and applying everything that I have learned thus far. Through perseverance, however, I know I will continue to strive and achieve all of my goals.
     Perseverance is the path to success in life. As long as you are determined and willing to never give up you can achieve whatever you set your mind to do. My mom and dad always remind me that if you fall, you must get up and dust yourself off and try again. Once a person learns to persevere through hard times it only becomes easier to pick yourself up and become successful.


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