Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly Thoughts from Chosun Yoga March 26, 2014


The calendar says...Spring is here! But the temperature says "Wait a minute...not so fast! Like any transition period, patience, balance and trust are required to bridge the gap and make for a smooth landing on the other side. On the yoga mat this week, we will practice
vinyasas (consecutive poses using breath) as a way to navigate the sometimes uncertain steps from point A
to point B.

Join us for smooth landings...

Chosun Taekwondo Academy & Hatha Yoga Center
62 Main Street Warwick, NYClass Schedule:
Tuesdays 9:30am
Wednesdays 6:30pm
Saturdays 9:30am

First Class is Free

$15 per class / $130 for 10 classes

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