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Chosun e-newsletter Archive volumn 4 #11 November, 2013

Dojang News and Events
Bi-annual Black Belt Test
Saturday October 19, 2013                              

There was a full house at the recent Chosun Bi-annual Black Belt Promotion Test with Grandmaster Richard Chun presiding. Thanks to all who came out to celebrate the great DSC_5397 BBachievements of these dedicated Chosun Taekwondo Academy students. Reached for comment, Master Cook stated, "The Black Belt is a license to learn and not a permit to quit. Ever onward new Black Belts."
4th Dan - Terrie Wynne and Arun Salgunan
2nd Dan - Mary Sudul, Laura LoForese, Late Lawson, and Adam Hanson
1st Dan - Jason Gaillard, Nelson Gaillard, Carolyn Cunningham, Laura Towey, John Towey, Michael Esch, Mark Rodenberg, Fiona Dunn, Shane Heslin, Anika Simon, Francesco Desiderio and Caswell Gluckstein
Congratulations to all!
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An excerpt from a Black Belt essay
by Anika Simon:

"One of my most happy moments was at my Bodan Belt test. I needed to do a spinning hook kick for my break. I was very worried that it would take many tries, but I ended up breaking the wood on my very first try. I felt so proud of myself. This is now my favorite kick." 

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