Monday, April 15, 2013

A Retrospective of my Taekwondo Training by Chosun Student Frank Formosa First Dan Black Belt - April, 2013

 When I think back at how far I've come since I started Taekwondo, it makes me very proud. I think about when I was in kickstart, all excited about learning Taekwondo. I made many new friends, and we are still friends today.
             When I moved up to regular classes, I really felt like I was growing up. It felt good learning new things because I felt like I was starting to get bored. It made me feel stronger to learn new forms, new punches and kicks, and the first time I broke the wood at the promotion test, I felt like Superman!
             As I look at pictures of myself, from white belt to yellow and orange, all the way up to Bodan now, I can't believe how far I've come. It's been a lot of hard work and at times my Mom and Dad have needed to push me to keep me focused. There have been times when I might not have felt like training and my Dad would tell me, "It's up to you but I think you'll feel better if you go." I would listen, and during class, I would think to myself, "Dad was right, I'm glad I came!"
             I think about the time I was chosen for Student of the Month in July 2011. That was the best trophy I've ever gotten, because it showed how hard I worked. I hope to earn another one someday.
             I remember the time I went to the Haddock Tournament in 2012 with other Chosun students. I really felt cool. I thought our team was going to win everything. I entered for forms, and even though I didn't win, I felt great just to be able to participate. I remember everybody telling me,"Great job Frank!" and that made me very happy.
             I think about how much fun I had at the Chosun Dinner Dance the last 2 years. Being with many of my friends is always a lot of fun. Receiving the Hwarang award made me feel proud.
             Now that I've reached my 1st Dan Black Belt promotion test, I'm ready to try as hard as I can to make Master Cook, Grand Master Chun, my family, and most of all, myself, very proud. I'm working very hard, so I know I will not let myself down.

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