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"Mrs. Pyke Eats Korea" DAK BULGOGI

As seen in the May, 2017 issue of the CHOSUN newsletter...

Dak Bulgogi
When you think of Bulgogi we immediately think of beef sizzling away on the grill. But here’s a great recipe for a week night dinner that is so easy, Dak Bulgogi. Dak is chicken in Korean.  I found this great idea from Hyosun Ro a Korean American mom who blogs about home style Korean cooking. Her site is Korean Bapsang.com. I also follow her on Facebook to get her daily postings and this is where I found Dak Bulgogi! You marinate boneless skinless thighs in the morning and either saute the Dak or throw them on the grill.  Here’s the

1# Boneless skinless thighs
3T soy sauce
1T brown sugar
1T lemon juice
1T honey
1T rice wine
1T grated garlic
1Tgrated ginger
1T sesame oil
Fresh ground pepper
Marinate at least one hour. Saute or grill till done. As you’re cooking keep splashing on some of the marinade. The chicken will get beautifully glazed.
While chicken marinates cook a pot of rice, clean a head of Red Leaf lettuce and separate into leaves.
Prepare the sauces.
Ssam Sauce                                            Scallion sauce
2T ssamjang                                           ½ cup chopped scallions
1T gochugang                                        1T gochujang
1T rice vinegar                                       1T rice vinegar
1Tvegetable oil                                       1T vegetable oil
Mix until smooth
To serve, take a piece of lettuce and put a scoop of rice, a piece of chicken and a dab of each sauce, roll it up and enjoy. They are addicting!!!
Haeng bog meogneum
Happy Eating!!

Pamela Pyke

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